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A little-known story about the silicone bracelet

The earliest silicone accessories is silicone bracelet in 2005, silicone bracelets first appeared in the United States, and in a short time is rapidly growing in popularity. The world first silicone wristband is yellow "Livestrong" silicone bracelet, the reason why people wear this silicone bracelet main hope is that their own health, cancer resistance.
LIVESTRONG Bracelet origin:
LIVESTRONG represents a spirit, the spirit of fighting with the fate, indomitable spirit of courage and courage.
This bracelet is initiated by the tour de France champion Armstrong, meaning make people strong and brave to live, beat cancer to people throughout the world brings pain. But released Nike Company Armstrong, for global cancer fund financing.
In September 1996, Armstrong, only 25 years old, was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and has spread to the lungs and brain, only 50% chance of survival. However he tenaciously overcome the disease, treatment for a year after a comeback, and in 1999 won the tour de France cycling race grade for the title, and then every year successfully defended. On July 25, 2004, he became a hundred years history of the tour de France on the first "six time winner", and thus he was many Americans regarded as the spirit of self-improvement idol.
In December 1996, Armstrong at home set up by his name naming of the foundation, the purpose is to help all suffering from cancer to find a competent doctor, appropriate treatment and subjected to a severe test of courage and optimism.
2005 years 5 months before the tour de France, Lance. Armstrong Foundation in conjunction with the sponsor Nike teamed up and designed by Nike out the Yellow wrist ring. They produced 500 million yellow wrist ring, each priced at a dollar. Wrist ring made of rubber is similar to that of the silicone material, emblazoned with Armstrong's famous "live strong" (live
Strong, this sentence and "energetic strang" pun intended). By mid July, the first yellow wrist ring sold out, newly rushing 600 million has more than half of sales. Sell the wrist ring all income will Armstrong donated to the fund. In the tour de France offseason, thousands of people wearing yellow wrist ring, it became one of the Armstrong yellow jersey symbol. Silicone bracelet the first popular in the United States, the world first silicone wristband is yellow "Livestrong", all wearing the bracelet people common goal is to resist the disease of cancer, so that life is more strong!
Since then, due to silicone bracelet with environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, and good elasticity, easy wear etc. advantages, and gradually developed into a popular jewelry, loved by the young friends, now various types of silicone bracelet has been popular all over the world.